Our Approach

At Schott Mauss & Associates, PC, we take pride in simply being Iowans helping Iowans. You work hard and deserve what is fair, so we work hard for you.

In fact, we only represent Iowans who have been injured on the job, wrongly denied benefits or who are unable to work due to a disability. We never represent insurance companies, employers or government agencies. Also, because we focus on Iowa, we know and regularly work with the government employees and the judges who are most likely to rule on your case.

By staying focused in the critical practice areas of Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation, we deepen our knowledge and expertise to provide the best possible counsel to our clients.

Many disabled or injured Iowans often feel overwhelmed by endless forms, red tape, long delays and a dizzying maze of legal proceedings only to be denied benefits. Dealing with these issues day in and day out for many years has given us a strong history of successfully helping thousands of Iowans obtain the benefits and medical care they deserve, even if they’ve initially been denied.

When working with Schott Mauss & Associates, PC expect:

  • A friendly attorney who will treat you with respect and LISTEN to your story.
  • A confident legal advocate to handle the forms, meet the deadlines and argue your case before a judge.
  • No attorney fees unless you win.

 Contact us when you’re ready to talk about your story.