Welcome to Schott Mauss & Associates, PLLC.

We are a law firm. More importantly, we’re a different kind of law firm, specializing in Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation.

We come from working class roots and practice law because we want a level playing field for all Iowans. We strongly believe that solid legal representation should exist for all, regardless of financial ability or political connections. We do not think anyone should be judged by an injury or a disability.

We practice good law to help our clients restore the best quality of life possible. We do this by listening to their story…every detail…and creating the clearest picture of why they deserve compensation.

You’re going to like working with us because we’re friendly, respectful and really good at what we do.

Simply put, at Schott Mauss & Associates, PC, we believe in justice and the intrinsic worth of every human. We see the justice system as a means to help our clients recover some of the losses caused by a work place injury or disabling condition.